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    A little knowledge

    Our customers often ask, Why is it so much larger in the container than it is when we sample?  My answer: ChowChow was originally made as a vegetable staple!  In the past generations of my family, it was the only veggie dish available. So, it had to be filling, healthy, and desirable. So, many different Vegetables came into play. depending on what was harvested, it was the way it was made. Now, with today's technical advances, you can place in food processor, and have whatever consistency you desire. It IS the same product, just made to your desired style.

    A FINAL note:

    We've been asked why we use the selection of vegetables we put in our ChowChow.  We do follow the USDA and the State of Michigan in regards to packaging and processing. There IS a shelf life and acidity level we MUST follow!  To adjust these facts in anyway changes the guidelines issued by government regulations! I am often asked, "Why you don't use green tomatoes?"  I have had it with them and I too, think it enhances the product. But, it also raises the acidity level to a "questionable" state!

    Nutrition Facts :

    "We have strict guidelines and follow them completely. We list all ingredients and show the content and vitamin level.