butch's chow-chow
  • butch's chow-chow
  • This months Recipe:

    A great Bar-B-Que favorite

    "as we approach the end of the summer and the last of the outdoor parties, we wanted you to try this favorite dish.... 

      Have your cut of meat, fish or poultry. I suggest cooking it in your oven until almost done. Then, remove from oven wrap in aluminum foil, add butchschowchow to cover and let juices flow through. Then, place on your grill for the final cooking (times depend on the type of meat) after a few minutes, remove and serve while still hot! Ummm delicious!

    Here's another favorite...

    Now, let's go down home for some "true" Southern hospitality.  I started my love for chowchow with this recipe.. In a large stockpot, place 2-3 ham hocks (or your favorite stewing meat) beef,pork,lamb,etc.

    let cook with water covering until tender. Add your favorite Vegetable, Greens,Beans, or other veggie. Finish cooking the entire dish and make a pan of cornbread. Serve with a side dish of butchschowchow. Ummm...

    Finally, here's another treat..

    When making your favorite Salad, Tuna, Egg, or just Veggie. Instead of using common pickle relish, Add some real flavor. Use butchschowchow! The taste is delicious!

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    A FINAL note:

    We have been told by family and friends the taste is amazing!  Their have been many who have tried to imitate but none have copied. At this time, I would like to thank You for visiting our site, and I look forward to doing business with you!

    Try these delicacies as a different snack or appetizer

    Our ChowChow has been eaten on pizza, on Subs, on Baked potato, and many other dishes. You have an idea or new taste treat, drop us a line. We love to share with other customers.